Re: datatyping and query in RDF

On 2002-01-30 9:42, "Patrick Stickler" <> wrote:

> Of course, I would expect that a query API would be
> based on an abstraction of the "raw" RDF graph, which
> takes datatype context into account, so that a query
> such as above would not be based on string comparison
> of literals, but on comparison of TDL pairings
> (lexical form + datatype).

BTW, I see this as no different than a query API providing
support for rdfs:subClassOf, rdfs:subPropertyOf, etc.
which like rdfs:range is schema information not explicit
in the graph itself.

If we are to have reliable queries based on values, we
simply must not base them on literals. We have to take
datatype context into account, and ideally do that with
a common query API.



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