RE: RDFCore WG: Datatyping documents

My point is that http:.// and are different namespaces.

As you yourself said in your earlier contribution:

"As you should know, and must realize, XML namespace names are compared by
_literal string_ comparison, and not using any sort of URI canonicalization

If you stand by that, then these are _not_ the same namespaces.

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John F Schlesinger wrote:

> Jonathan said: "Please do not bind the "xsd" prefix to the
> namespace name."
> As a result of this Sergey said: "I'm going to replace xsd: by rdfdt: in
> next revision of the document."
> Please let us not forget that the prefix 'xsd' is purely conventional and
> has no semantics except when related to an xmlns attribute. It is
> correct for RDF data types to associate xsd with

Simply, the URI prefix http:.// is the domain of
the W3C XML Schema WG. What makes you think anyone outside this group ought
be able to publish URIs that start with this string?

Ought I be able to erect a mailbox next to your house and suffix your street
number with 1/2 -- its only half a number change eh?

Aside from the confusion that binding a well known prefix ("xsd") to a new
URI would generate, why on earth would you want to bind such a prefix to a
URI which differs by a single character? Are you trying to generate software
bugs, or merely obfuscate the RDF work?

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