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RedHat RPM issues with amaya 8.1b Nico Kadel-Garcia (Tuesday, 30 September)

Problem with table insertion after an <hr /> element Steven Gilham (Tuesday, 30 September)

form elements -- css style -- amaya John Russell (Monday, 29 September)

amaya build, NetBSD 1.6.1 - tweaks Scott Walters (Friday, 26 September)

Amaya opening screen is badly flawed Rob Rippengale (Tuesday, 23 September)

Amaya 8.1b WindowsXP bug? Bartolomé Sintes (Tuesday, 23 September)

please remove me... thank you... 888 (Tuesday, 23 September)

How to add some font in amaya Nazir s (Monday, 22 September)

problem with table suliana@perdana.um.edu.my (Monday, 22 September)

Re: Problème de copier-coller Irene Vatton (Friday, 19 September)

[Amaya-fr] Re: Je ne comprends plus Irene Vatton (Monday, 25 August)

C compilation question Chugh, Rajesh (Wednesday, 17 September)

Re: Need Help on Windows NT compilation of AMAYA 1.1c ria paula santos (Wednesday, 17 September)

Counter koevis@demon.nl (Tuesday, 16 September)

interface look John Russell (Monday, 15 September)

HTTP-PUT in Amaya v2003.09.04 Markus Maier (Sunday, 14 September)

When will be Amaya appearance changed? Gabriele Fava (Friday, 12 September)

HTTP-PUT in Amaya v2003.09.04 Markus Maier (Friday, 12 September)

HTTP-Authentication dialog improvement Markus Maier (Friday, 12 September)

SVG box sizes appear bigger than size defines with mouse Juan Lanus (Sunday, 14 September)

Amaya and hr element John Russell (Thursday, 11 September)

Re: FreeBSD: compilation fails jmyers@lilly.csoft.net (Wednesday, 10 September)

SVG test suite and Amaya8.1b John Russell (Tuesday, 9 September)

box width calculations John Russell (Thursday, 4 September)

boxes and amaya 8.1b John Russell (Thursday, 4 September)

parsing issues with amaya 8.1b John Russell (Thursday, 4 September)

amaya 8.1b gui issue John Russell (Thursday, 4 September)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.1b Irene Vatton (Thursday, 4 September)

dynamic image bug Gary Petersen (Sunday, 31 August)

A file that displays weird Juan Lanus (Saturday, 30 August)

Amaya 8.1a list rendering error Keith Hopper (Thursday, 28 August)

Re: Annotate Selection crash&amp;In-Reply-To=&lt;200102201657.RAA28204@tuvalu.inrialpes.fr&gt;&amp;R Alec Smith (Thursday, 28 August)

Amaya wrongly report errors Paul Sinnema (Wednesday, 27 August)

Bug: Juan Lanus (Sunday, 24 August)

Bug: Color change joins previously colored <pre> lines Juan Lanus (Sunday, 24 August)

Your details lehors@w3.org (Wednesday, 20 August)

Re: Re: My details ij@w3.org (Wednesday, 20 August)

Problems with Redhat 8 versions Irene Vatton (Wednesday, 20 August)

Re: Your application lehors@w3.org (Wednesday, 20 August)

Virus mails over this mailing-list? veith.risak@chello.at (Wednesday, 20 August)

Re: Details ij@w3.org (Wednesday, 20 August)

Thank you! tmichel@w3.org (Tuesday, 19 August)

adding a new SVG library Gary Frederick (Tuesday, 19 August)

simple doc does not validate John Russell (Monday, 18 August)

iframe Jochem Heicke (Monday, 18 August)

Amaya not in Tucows Juan Lanus (Monday, 18 August)

Amaya feature request Markus Maier (Friday, 15 August)

help file locations John Russell (Thursday, 14 August)

??help?? files John Russell (Thursday, 14 August)

self completion of addresses John Russell (Thursday, 14 August)

file doesn't load in amaya John Russell (Wednesday, 13 August)

Alternate Mode Tecnofilia (Saturday, 16 August)

Amaya bug: charset information stripped out Richard Ishida (Friday, 15 August)

Amaya and validator.w3.org disagreeing Steven Gilham (Wednesday, 13 August)

Bug with 8.1a julien (Wednesday, 13 August)

Referer header (lack of) (RE: One problem carried over, and a new one (Amaya 8.1a)) Steven Gilham (Tuesday, 12 August)

One problem carried over, and a new one (Amaya 8.1a) Steven Gilham (Tuesday, 12 August)

to mark portions of document as Read-Only Michelangelo.Riccobene@marconiselenia.com (Friday, 11 July)

Re: Amaya 8 source fails to build Alpha 0SF1 V4.0 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 12 August)

installation issues or loading errors MRLDUBU@aol.com (Saturday, 9 August)

strange formating of table with style John Russell (Monday, 4 August)

gui help needed John Russell (Sunday, 3 August)

more gui problems John Russell (Sunday, 3 August)

gui bug --- and a minor touchup at same time John Russell (Sunday, 3 August)

amaya gui bug John Russell (Sunday, 3 August)

amaya 8.1a win2000 - Bug Report Howard Jones (Friday, 25 July)

Sol9 build problem Richard Gillman (Wednesday, 23 July)

Editing Greek in Amaya Xouvardas Ioannis (Monday, 21 July)

start failed with 8.1 Deepak (Saturday, 12 July)

Compiling 8.1a; What is SVG.h? Albert Wagner (Monday, 11 August)

Amaya 8.1a SuSe linux 8.2 GL version FP exception Keith Hopper (Tuesday, 5 August)

Feature request: insert document last mod date Jeff Rankin (Wednesday, 6 August)

Double click does not select word in source view -new bug in 8.1a- Juan Lanus (Sunday, 3 August)

Fancy links dialog -usability- Juan Lanus (Sunday, 3 August)

Fancy tag selection (usability) Juan Lanus (Sunday, 3 August)

Can't set background color - new bug in 8.1a Juan Lanus (Sunday, 3 August)

Bookmarks disabled Albert Wagner (Saturday, 26 July)

Gdk-ERROR Serge Torres (Friday, 25 July)

Amaya 8.1 Christopher Evans (Wednesday, 23 July)

amaya and forms !!! John Russell (Sunday, 20 July)

[www-amaya] <none> ahmed Okda (Thursday, 17 July)

Conflict between keyborad shortcuts and menu access keys (v8.1a Win98) Christoph Koenig (Wednesday, 16 July)

Entity bugs!! Suki Venkat (Wednesday, 16 July)

URL to Stylesheet ist saved as absolute link Christoph Koenig (Sunday, 13 July)

Properties and form elements John Russell (Saturday, 12 July)

Browse buttons on doc load and save John Russell (Saturday, 12 July)

input box sizing for query boxs John Russell (Saturday, 12 July)

make install incomplete Karl-Michael Schneider (Saturday, 12 July)

Amaya 8.1a and the title attribute John Russell (Friday, 11 July)

XML parsing error John Russell (Friday, 11 July)

[Announcement] Amaya 8.1a Irene Vatton (Thursday, 10 July)

forms not finished John Russell (Thursday, 10 July)

wish list -- feedback info John Russell (Thursday, 10 July)

hr element interpretation John Russell (Thursday, 10 July)

nested tables John Russell (Thursday, 10 July)

i18n issue Joerg F. Wittenberger (Wednesday, 9 July)

and another one illustrating table issues John Russell (Wednesday, 9 July)

Amaya 8.1 review John Russell (Wednesday, 9 July)

Bug Report: "Float" with "Clear" attribute doesn't work when it Stan Harrison (Tuesday, 8 July)

Announcement] Amaya 8.1 Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 8 July)

font-size: larger and h1 default size Brant Langer Gurganus (Tuesday, 8 July)

Printing Amaya Home-page in Windows 2000 Suki Venkat (Friday, 4 July)

Re: the HCI of the amaya editor is the WORST i have ever encountered :/ info@mclibre.org (Thursday, 3 July)

the HCI of the amaya editor is the WORST i have ever encountered :/ Jon Bendtsen (Wednesday, 2 July)

Re: many blank buttons in (math) greek letters palette Irene Vatton (Tuesday, 1 July)

Information required D Shailaja (Tuesday, 1 July)

Amaya 8.0 "Letter format" Printing Bug Pierre St-Laurent (Monday, 30 June)

Amaya 8.0 "Letter format" Printing Bug Pierre St-Laurent (Monday, 30 June)

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