SVG box sizes appear bigger than size defines with mouse

Hi Amaya team,

Sorry if this has been aready said, this is my first attempt with SVG.

When I draw a rectangle as describes in help, bi clicking twicw with the 
mouse, the outcome is a recangle much bigger that the area I delimited.

Amaya 8.1b in W2K Pro with monitor displaying 1152 x 864 pixels.

The code below is the outcome of drawing a rectangle (which appeared 
bigger than it's definition) and a second rectangle 1mm below the first 
one and the same width (albeit with less height):

<svg xmlns="" version="1.0" height="186px">
   <rect stroke="black" fill="none" y="8px" x="2px" width="275px"
   <rect stroke="black" fill="none" y="122px" x="2px" width="365px"

The second rectangle is 365px wide while it should be in the 
neighborhood of 265px.
It also appears far down from the first one while it should be close to it.

I did some source editing yesterday and the program tended to crash 
after syncing.

Juan Lanus

Received on Sunday, 14 September 2003 10:50:43 UTC