Re: SVG box sizes appear bigger than size defines with mouse

On Sun, 14 Sep 2003 11:51:50 -0300
Juan Lanus <> wrote:

> Hi Amaya team,
> Sorry if this has been aready said, this is my first attempt with SVG.
> When I draw a rectangle as describes in help, bi clicking twicw with the 
> mouse, the outcome is a recangle much bigger that the area I delimited.
> Amaya 8.1b in W2K Pro with monitor displaying 1152 x 864 pixels.
> The code below is the outcome of drawing a rectangle (which appeared 
> bigger than it's definition) and a second rectangle 1mm below the first 
> one and the same width (albeit with less height):
> <body>
> <svg xmlns="" version="1.0" height="186px">
>    <rect stroke="black" fill="none" y="8px" x="2px" width="275px"
>          height="81px"/>
>    <rect stroke="black" fill="none" y="122px" x="2px" width="365px"
>          height="17px"/>
> </svg>
> </body>
> The second rectangle is 365px wide while it should be in the 
> neighborhood of 265px.
> It also appears far down from the first one while it should be close to it.

This was due to a side effect of a previous change in the Windows version.
The problem is now fixed in the CVS version.
Meanwhile, I suggest you adjust positions and size with the Ctrl + left button and
Ctrl + right button after the creation.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

> I did some source editing yesterday and the program tended to crash 
> after syncing.

I fixed a similar crash. Could you send me a scenario that shows the bug, 
so I can test it's effectively fixed.

> Saludos!
> --
> Juan Lanus
> Argentina

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