Re: Bug Report (Was: Announcement] Amaya 8.1)

On Tuesday 08 July 2003 13:26, Joseph Reagle wrote:
> PENDING in 8.1

And update to the pending bugs. 11 has been updated with my suspicion of the 
cause (which was reminiscent of an older bug of not being able to treat 
sole 'id' attributes -- with 'name' -- correctly), and 12 is a new bug 
report of a crash.

11. Bug: When I want to click on a fragment in another window, I hit click, 
then  click the target in the other window but the hypertext only contains 
the URI of the other window, *not* the fragment. (This seems to happen
when I'm using XHTML documents without a 'name' but only an 'id'.)
12. Bug: Amaya 8.1 seems a little more unstable than 7.2 For example,
go to my team page (W3C team access only) and place the cursor besides
"checker" in the Tools heading:
and hit 'Enter', amaya crashes.

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