Re: Browse buttons on doc load and save

So another reporter is not having an issue with browse on Win98!
hmmm  from this i assume one of two things ....
1] something is messed up in my ini files
2] amaya uses some windows component (one that i am missing)
that other programs do not...  all my other applications including 
browsers, editors, file viewers, comparison utilities etc  work aok
it is only the Amaya gui ones that don't.  The html input type=file
  is a separate issue. 
To help resolve which of these situations it is I used control panel
to remove amaya,  deleted my shortcut icon, deleted the Amaya
folder from Program Files (to remove ini stuff)  and searched registry
for any amaya pointers or hooks.... and removed.  So my drive is
as clean as possible.  reinstalled amaya   but same problem
first call to browse gives lots of hard drive activity but nothing on
screen.  second call pops me out of amaya abruptly with no signoff
messages. can someone on the team tell me if the browser api call
is done in a different manner in amaya than it is in all other software...
in other words is it being done in the microsoft defined way...  what
component may i be missing that only fouls amaya but noone else ???
this is a major problem as i cant wonder thru my directories at will !!

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> From: "John Russell" <>
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> Subject: Browse buttons on doc load and save
> Can anyone confirm whether the browse button works on loads
> or saves in amaya  on a Win98 platform...  it has not worked for 
> me in several versions of amaya   but  have not had feedback from 
> amaya team or others whether browse works....
> on my machine first click on browse button does nil .... second
> click throws me out of amaya completely .... --

Works fine with me on v8.0 and Win98SE


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