Re: Bug Report (Was: Announcement] Amaya 8.1)

Hello Joseph,

I have found the way to reproduce the bug 11. I don't have the fix for the 
moment, I need to investigate more. It comes effectively from a sole 'id' 
The bug 12 has been fixed today (Ralph reported a similar crash) and will be 
available tomorrow.



> On Tuesday 08 July 2003 13:26, Joseph Reagle wrote:
> > PENDING in 8.1
> And update to the pending bugs. 11 has been updated with my suspicion of the 
> cause (which was reminiscent of an older bug of not being able to treat 
> sole 'id' attributes -- with 'name' -- correctly), and 12 is a new bug 
> report of a crash.
> 11. Bug: When I want to click on a fragment in another window, I hit click, 
> then  click the target in the other window but the hypertext only contains 
> the URI of the other window, *not* the fragment. (This seems to happen
> when I'm using XHTML documents without a 'name' but only an 'id'.)
> 12. Bug: Amaya 8.1 seems a little more unstable than 7.2 For example,
> go to my team page (W3C team access only) and place the cursor besides
> "checker" in the Tools heading:
> and hit 'Enter', amaya crashes.

Received on Wednesday, 9 July 2003 12:33:38 UTC