RE: When will be Amaya appearance changed?

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> Sent: maandag 15 september 2003 11:31
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> Subject: When will be Amaya appearance changed?

Never, I hope, now I can find the amaya windows just by its style ;-)

> Amaya is just ugly: why nobody thought about changing some 
> icon or the 
> interface fonts during the last 7 years?

I'm sure a lot of peoples like you thought about chainging some icon or the
interface fonts. Only no-one ever took the challenge to do so.

> I can't use it with those awful, non intuitive and non 
> undertitled icons.

Well, you can get the source from the website and update to your wishes. If
you like to share your results with others, you can upload you sugestions.

btw: i hate those fancy 'skins' an other stuff as you find on many M$Windows
machines. The windowmanager should provide a nice frame for the windows (the
same skin for every application). The applications should provide windows
and views and other window filling, suitable for the purpose and nothing


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