Hi, Amaya,

This is another litle detail ...
I have in one page, into a <pre> block, something like this:

  DU09SJ072     Seguro de Vida C                         F
  DU09SJ073     Seguro de Vida D                         F
  DU09SJ074     Seguro de Vida Obligatorio               F         2.17
<a name="LM09SJ075"><span style="color: #000000"> LM09SJ075     A.R.T. 
                                  F         1.95
  DU09SJ080     Premio Produccion NO
  DU09SJ081     Premio Produccion 1 Encuadernacion
  DU09SJ082     Premio Produccion 2 Impresion                     55

In other page a linl to:
links to the top of the (hoge) <pre> block instead of linking to the 
single line I want to address.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or the standard rules this behavior. MSIE 
does link to the line, NN 7.1 also does.


Juan Lanus

PD: Irene, thanks for your replies to my prior bug reports. I'm not 
answering to avoid cluttering the list. Gracias! (merci beaucoup)

Received on Sunday, 24 August 2003 16:19:40 UTC