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HTTP-PUT in Amaya v2003.09.04

From: Markus Maier <mle@neze.de>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 11:14:47 -0400 (EDT)
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To: www-amaya@w3.org


I send that mail a few days before and it becomes lost for what reason

Thank you very much for the implementation of my suggestion
I use it under Linux and Windows 95/98/NT/XP and can use Amaya
from an read only share with a preconfigured user directory on
that share; thanks again.

I'm writing an Java HTTP-Server which can handle put-requests and I observed
some problems:

(1) What I did is I set a break point in my method-switch of the http server
     and see for each save of  amaya a HEAD-, a PUT- and GET-request.
     After the Head a dialog ask me If I want ot overwrite the file.
     Then the PUT and the GET happend (I configured amaya to check the PUT
     with a GET to test my server).
(2) The problems are:
     (a) No problem with the head
     (b) Because of the break point in my code neither the PUT nor the GET
          are handled until I resume the thread the break point is in.
          But Amaya tells me -- before I resumed any thread -- that the PUT
          has failed and asks me to ignore this "error".
          I think a server-timeout is the correct behaviour for such a
     (c) If I don't set any breakpoint I get sometimes also the "bad
          PUTmessage" from the GET-verify, but if I look on the page with
           another browser the put seams to work.
          I know form my breakpoint-test that amaya does a concurrent
          PUT- / GET-request and I believe Amaya assumes that its requests
          are queued on the server.
          My server handles the request in differenet threads. And I believe
           that Amaya's GET fetches the old file, because the PUT has not
          finsihed. I don't think that is a bug in my server but Amaya's GET
          has to wait for the end of the PUT request.
(3)  In extension to my mail for the improved HTTP-Authentication Dialog,
      I think Amaya should become configurable to show the File part of the
      PUT-method in an HTML-window, if such an file exists.
      This makes dialogs with the user possible if hte server thinks that
      it may help somebody in someway.

Kind Regards

Markus Maier
Homepage: http://www.neze.de
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