HTTP-PUT in Amaya v2003.09.04


I send that mail a few days before and it becomes lost for what reason

Thank you very much for the implementation of my suggestion
I use it under Linux and Windows 95/98/NT/XP and can use Amaya
from an read only share with a preconfigured user directory on
that share; thanks again.

I'm writing an Java HTTP-Server which can handle put-requests and I observed
some problems:

(1) What I did is I set a break point in my method-switch of the http server
     and see for each save of  amaya a HEAD-, a PUT- and GET-request.
     After the Head a dialog ask me If I want ot overwrite the file.
     Then the PUT and the GET happend (I configured amaya to check the PUT
     with a GET to test my server).
(2) The problems are:
     (a) No problem with the head
     (b) Because of the break point in my code neither the PUT nor the GET
          are handled until I resume the thread the break point is in.
          But Amaya tells me -- before I resumed any thread -- that the PUT
          has failed and asks me to ignore this "error".
          I think a server-timeout is the correct behaviour for such a
     (c) If I don't set any breakpoint I get sometimes also the "bad
          PUTmessage" from the GET-verify, but if I look on the page with
           another browser the put seams to work.
          I know form my breakpoint-test that amaya does a concurrent
          PUT- / GET-request and I believe Amaya assumes that its requests
          are queued on the server.
          My server handles the request in differenet threads. And I believe
           that Amaya's GET fetches the old file, because the PUT has not
          finsihed. I don't think that is a bug in my server but Amaya's GET
          has to wait for the end of the PUT request.
(3)  In extension to my mail for the improved HTTP-Authentication Dialog,
      I think Amaya should become configurable to show the File part of the
      PUT-method in an HTML-window, if such an file exists.
      This makes dialogs with the user possible if hte server thinks that
      it may help somebody in someway.

Kind Regards

Markus Maier

Received on Monday, 15 September 2003 05:32:23 UTC