Fancy links dialog -usability-


This is another idea, about the links dialog  (menu Links ==> Create or 
change link ...).

There are several suggestions:

1- Show the selected text in the dialog. Many times the dialog cover the 
text, one would work more self assured if the text were displayed in 
bold close to "Insert the URI ...".
For example sometimes the selection might be excluding the last letter, 
specially an "i" or an "l".
This feature will help the user detect suh situations.

2- Include a means to give the link a "target" attribute in the same 
operation. I have many target="_blank" links and ading the attribute 
implies a sequence of operations that it's teasing when repeated so many 

3- It would be fine to ba able to select a local target in the same link 
The "Link to previous target" is very useful, but not always is possible 
to set links this way.

These are ideas that I think will make Amaya better.

Juan Lanus

Received on Sunday, 3 August 2003 18:54:22 UTC