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(Fwd) Amaya availability (platforms!)

[Amaya] CSS line-height

[Announcement] Amaya 1.3 public release

[Announcement] Amaya 1.3a public release

[Fwd: amaya: Errors in The Web Style Sheets page??]

[FYI] New release of Amaya 1.3 for linux

[www-amaya] <none>

A plain text editing mode!

Amaya & MathML

Amaya 1.3 binary problem under AIX 4.1.4

Amaya 1.3 binary won't run on NT 4.0sp3

Amaya 1.3 for Alpha (Digital UNIX)...

Amaya 1.3 freezes on Linux.

Amaya 1.3 Linux Immediately crashes.

Amaya 1.3 not fully compliant with MathML

Amaya 1.3 on SGI Irix6.3

Amaya 1.3 on Win 95 printing crash

Amaya bombs out in Win95

amaya breaks on http/put

Amaya fails to recognize entities in attribute values

Amaya for Macintosh PPC?

Amaya printing with smaller fonts

Amaya w/ AlphaLinux


Amazing bug in Amaya 1.3a on Solaris 2.6

Browsercaps.com multiple <BR> test failed

bug in colored lists

Bugs in 1.3


Compiling Amaya on Wondows

Compiling amaya-1.3 failed on Linux

Config Problem with '~/.amaya.css'

Debuf assertion fail in Amaya NT

Debug Assertion Failed on Windows NT 4.0

Developper documentation

Div by Zero, Overridng PS File, Win32 1.3 (PrintDoc)

Error when I am compile amaya-1.3 on a Siemens MX300i

FAQ? Wish list.

Filling out a form with amaya (was: Re: Hi)

Hello (and some suggestions)

Help crashes Amaya V1.3 on Win95

help on str compiler..


horizontal scrolling in Structure View window still broken

Ideal HTML tools (was: It simply wont navigate)

Image right alignment

Is there a makefile or project file for building Amaya?

It simply wont navigate

MathML and Links?

MathML and spacing

Need for a Thot tree

No Text in PS Output - Win32 1.3

Printed Content (P1 header and Link List)

printing bug...

problem editing files made by other editors

Problem printing with amaya 1.3 on Digital UNIX 4.0D

Problem with a missing IMG

Question about Amaya & XML

Simply wont navigate: perhaps Linux problem, not Amaya's

Site with Authentication crashes Amaya

Source bug: syslog.h or sys/syslog.h

Style sheets menu item doesn't work

Trouble in compiling Amaya 1.3B

Trouble in compiling Amaya 1.3B (3)

uploading web pages to web server

US margins are incorrect in Amaya 1.3.

What version of HTML does Amaya support?

Will a future release of Amaya be Windows-friendly

Willful Page Layout

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