Amaya for Macintosh PPC?

>Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 02:06:38 +0100
>From: Per-Daniel Liljegren <>
>Subject: Amaya for Macintosh PPC?
>Dear Irčne,
>The Amaya browser seems to be a fantastic tool for educational purposes
>(even though I have not tried it out yet to be honest). I am working on
>HyperElementa, a Swedish K-12 project in mathematics and science on the
>web with the very purpose to aid in the understanding and interpretation
>of formulas and cognitive development of mathematical language in general.
>MathML is exactly what I was aiming at a year ago in an application to The
>Foundation for Knowledge and Competence Development,
> for support. However, it seems to me that the
>time is not ripe yet for a very advanced level of interactive formula
>manipulations because of the lack of software, and experience on a great
>variety of platforms. Most schools in Sweden use either Netscape or
>Explorer. Therefore, HyperElementa will start at the simplest level
>possible which is not very dependant on complex formulas, and then move on
>to more advanced levels, keeping pace with the whole development of the
>In the meantime I would like to try Amaya (the only browser that supports
>MathML as far as I know). Now, these are my problems:
>* Is it -- or will it be -- possible to run Amaya on a Macintosh? (It is
>the only platform I have access to for next four months and used by some
>* Do you have any information about other browsers support for MathML?
>* Is it possible to integrate CSS2, MathML and JavaScript to "animate"
>formulas (to better reflect the "thinking" behind algebraic manipulations)?
>I would appreciate some more info about these issues.
>Per-Daniel Liljegren

Received on Monday, 27 July 1998 22:23:43 UTC