Re: Developper documentation

The up to date description of the API is located at (table of cotents)
The up to description of Thot languages is located at

Perhaps we miss out to document some functions. In any case all API
functions are listed and documented in the include files 
and language grammars are defined in Thot/batch/*.LAN

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> Hi,
> I know it's not the kind of questions than developpers like to be asked
> but i work with Amaya & Thot for a time now (couple of month) and i don't
> find what i'm looking for by my own.  My questions are:
> How can i obtain up to date description of the API.  Can i use Cextract to
> do it? if yes how? if no, does it exist something who can help me?
> Where i can find description of the new feature added to Structure
> language, presentation language ...? Some time it's hard to figure what do
> the new keyword in the grammar.
> I appreciate to know about any source of information, i already browse the
> amaya and thot Web site, thot ftp site and mailing lists.  Did i miss
> something ?
> Merci beaucoup!
> David
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