Hello (and some suggestions)

Hello, all.  I have only just subscribed to this list--actually, I have only
just found out about Amaya, after exploring the W3C site.  I have downloaded
the Windows 95 version, and have the linux version (which I can't get working,
but that is probably due to my incompetence in linux).

There are some suggestions I would like to make to the team who is putting
Amaya together.  They are relatively minor, and don't really affect the
function of the program, but still, they are things which I believe should
be addressed.

o Make http:// the default address in the address bar, allowing the user to
  specify differently but defaulting to it.  (i.e. yahoo.com instead of
o Make an options dialog which is accessible from within the program.  Also,
  you might want to have an option to take off the design-mode buttons.
o The worst thing I have seen about Amaya is the scrolling.  Quite
  candidly, it is horrible in W95.  This is a relatively important part of
  the user interface, and thus should be improved.
o Support for javascript would be good.  (unless, of course, there is an
  option to turn it on already, and I missed it.)  Also, Java.
o Make the double-clicked links/single click selection an option.
o Frames are a *must*.  I don't like frames, because they aren't often used
  in an effective way.  However, a modern browser has to support them--too
  many pages use them (effectively or not) to make it practical not to
  support them.
o I have just noticed that the loading of images can be gruesome, sometimes,
  especially in pages suffering from overload (most commercial sites).  It
  seems to have done horrible things to my taskbar looking at the Tripod
  members' page.  (members.tripod.com).

The most minor thing I have seen, though, is very small and could probably
be fixed in about ten seconds... change the color of the arrows used for
forward, back, and reload.  The disabled ones are quite difficult to tell
from the normal ones.

Well, now I've given everyone who works on the project ample reason to
dislike me.  Good night to you all.
 Blake Hyde (ROT13: oulqr@pbaarpgh.arg)
Novan Dragon
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