bug in colored lists


I just started playing with the latest 1.3a release of Amaya (for Solaris)
and noticed that it had a small bug in the way it displayed the color of the
bullets in embedded <ul> lists: when various levels of list items are 
displayed with different colors, the color of each list item level is used for
the bullet of the next item level.

You can see an example of the problem by displaying the document at 
http://cuisung.unige.ch/TechInternet/ExImbric.html (it has four levels
of embeded <ul> lists and style rules specify a different color for each 

UL LI { color : blue; list-style-type: disc }
UL UL LI { color : green; list-style-type: circle }
UL UL UL LI { color : red; list-style-type: square }
UL UL UL UL LI { color : yellow; list-style-type: disc }

The bullet of the first level is black while the text is blue; the bullet
of the second level is blue while the text is green; the bullet of the third
level is green while the text is red; the bullet of the fourth level is red
while the text is yellow.

As an additional problem, the type of the fourth level bullet appears as a 
square instead of the disc that the style rule specifies!

Hope this helps,

Bertrand Ibrahim.
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Received on Tuesday, 29 September 1998 14:20:32 UTC