Re: [Fwd: amaya: Errors in The Web Style Sheets page??]

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> Hallo,
> I was using amaya brouwsing the site and came over the style
> page: This resulted in the next problems:
> This page was not readable with amaya: the W3C logo displays behind the
> text. Browsing the same page with Netscape (4.x) It showed a more readabl=
> e
> page. Below I include the reply of Hakon, the producer of the page.
> Amaya also produced the next error:
>  *** Errors in temp file: .amaya/1/Style
>    line 257, char 57: Unknown tag <BLINK>
>    line 258, char 12: Unknown tag </BLINK>

<BLINK> is not a valid tag. Hakon Lie inserted it in his Style page, but
explains that you don't have to use that: 
"By attaching style sheets to structured documents on the Web (e.g. HTML), 
authors and readers can influence the presentation of documents without 
sacrificing device-independence or adding new HTML tags"

> Questions to the amaya maillist: =
> - Is there a list of not supported features? gives previous status of CSS 
support in Amaya

> - Is there a list of not supported tags?

We plan to list them in next release

> - What is the roadmap of amaya related to those not supported features and tags?

See "What the Future Holds"

> - Is amaya tested against the site (or around: the site against amaya?)

As much as possible. We have no time to download all site pages 
before each


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