Re: Amaya 1.3 not fully compliant with MathML

Sami Romdhani wrote:

> When I put 
> <math> <mo form="infix" lspace=".27777em" rspace=".27777em"> &NotEqual; 
> </mo> </math>
> in an html file, a MathML compliant browser (like Amaya) should display 
> the symbol not equal. (MathML spec, appendix C)
> Instead Amaya 1.3 displays : &NotEqual; 
> I guess it's because Amaya is not fully compliant with MathML yet.
> Is there a way I can find a way around this problem or should I wait for 
> the next Amaya version, which should be available by ... ?

You are right. Very few math symbols are implemented in the version you used.
The situation has improved a bit.  In the next release, expected within the
next few days, more math operators are available, almost all those from the
Symbol font.  This includes NotEqual.


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