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> whereas from: 
>             More web pages are created on a Macintosh than any other 
>             platform. According to
>             WebWEEK, the weekly trade journal for Internet
>             Professionals, Macintosh is again the #1 platform for
>             professional World Wide Web authoring. In their second
>             annual survey, Macs had a 47.9% market share among
>             U.S.-based professional web-site design firms where as
>             Windows 95 scored only with 24.2% and Windows NT only
>             16.5%. (Source: WebWeek Magazine, 1997
> are there any plans to zero this significant discrepancy?

Today we support Unix platforms and Windows platforms. We don't have the
resources needed for supporting another platform. But the source code 
is available and someone else could do the port.

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