Re: MathML and Links?

Hakan Ardo wrote:

> acording to the MathML 1.0 specs it should be possible to place links in
> MathML objects using the XML-LINK param like this:
> <mrow XML-LINK="simple" HREF=""> ... </mrow>
> Is this supposed to work with Amaya? If so could someone give me a simple
> example of how, I can't get it working? If not, do you know of any other
> browser that supports it?

This will work in the new version that will be released by the end of
the week.  But notice that the XML syntax has changed since the MathML
recommendation was published.  According to the latest XLink draft
(, your example should be:

 <mrow xml:link="simple" href=""> ... </mrow>


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