Re: Will a future release of Amaya be Windows-friendly

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> Although I am impressed by the concepts and some of the implementation of
> Amaya (1.3), I am finding it tiring as a usable tool on Windows (NT4 SP3)
> because it just doesn't handle as a Windows application should at a basic
> level.

We try to satisfy both Unix and Windows user requirements.
Sometimes, it's difficult to manage.

> I can't select, cut or paste with any degree of certainty and I've found the
> DEL key to force-quit Amaya a couple of times now. These are not killer
> problems, but they roughen its functionality so that it's an effort to
> drive. Is this just my installation or do others have this problem? If the
> latter, will a future release of Amaya be worked on so that it runs smoothly
> on Windows?

It's possible that Amaya still includes errors, but sometimes it's also due to
Windows installation itself. Normally select, cut or paste should work.
If you have precise case to report, please don't hesitate.

> Also, I'm unclear how soon the missing features will appear in Amaya. Will
> it be possible to get a view of the rollout schedule for features, or is it
> too much a research tool?

You can find information about next releases at


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