It simply wont navigate

A few days after installation amaya decided to ignore my double-clicks altogether i.e. it simply does not follow hyperlinks anymore. Does someone have the same problem and better yet the solution? Thanks.

BTW does anyone know of a 100% (or so) error free fully HTML (any W3C spec.) compliant browser? Of the browsers installed around here:
  - KFM (KDE File Manager, HTML widget)
  - Netscape 4
  - Amaya
no one is. Frankly I am starting to loose faith in the prospect of a quality, seriously interoperable, WWW! How dificult can it be to write a decent browser, at least for Linux? I am convinced that Amaya could be this (a 100% error free HTML 4 compliant browser) _if and only if_ the Amaya team would focus on the browser itself. A WYSIWYG HTML editor simply does not make any sense! HTML is a _language_! I bet 99.999999% of HTML authors prefer to write HTML by hand. (I also suspect that many Amaya bugs are actualy in---or caused by---the Thot system. If this is true, and then since (as I understand) Thot development has stopped, then if Amaya would focus on browsing it would be less costly to migrate to a more stable system.)

It is very clear to me that the requisites of a quality WWW in the near future include the existence of browsers fully compliant with HTML 4, CSS2, XML (in that order).

(I am aware there some questions here should be taken to the general W3 forum and so they will in due course.)
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Received on Wednesday, 16 September 1998 14:40:16 UTC