FAQ? Wish list.

Given this list is quiet, I have not heard mention of a FAQ, so
is there one, please?

I am using Amaya 1.3 for Solaris2 (I obtained the binaries).

The following things don't semm to have been covered before so I hope
they are not in the FAQ I haven't found.

Given that there is a Web Accessibility Initiative, and in particular:
I would like to see the following added to Amaya:
A properties menu, that will allow me to select default values for
	text colour, size, and font, background colour, colour of links,
	visited links.   It would be best to keep
	this as simple as possible, but flexible -- so user can just
	specify "enlarge all text by 400%", "replace italics by
	bold", but can get to the nitty gritty: "I would like text
	bounded by <H3>...</H3> displayed as .... font, ...size...colour".
	I have managed to set some things in my .thotrc, but
	ForegroundColor has only affected the buttons and text boxes, and
	I have not been able to alter the default colour of links.  I have
	not been able to alter the size of text in the document window,
	only at the top.
	I say a menu because this should be easy to set up, especially
	as Amaya documentation will be read using Amaya.
An algorithm that will recognise that a page's colour will be "near to"
	my selected colour, so that if a person has a partially
	transparent image for example, my choice of a black bacground will
	not render the whole image invisible.
	Asking for a BackgroundColor=Black has made all the non-link
	text disappear, which wasn't quite the reduction in glare I had in
	mind :-)
	Yes, it is tricky (distance in HSV space?), but I would like this
	algorithm to be considered in the (far?) future.
A grammar for the .thotrc and other files: I don't know what some of the
	values should be, and for colours,. names seem to work, but would
	the #hexadecimal form, for example?  Ok, it is stated the docs
	are a work in progress.
More info about the Proxy Server setup:-  This should be a "best choice",
	unlike Netscape which regards a proxy as the only choice. With
	Netscape, if the proxy server is down then it says it cannot
	do anything instead of just using the network directly.  Their
	browser has no means of temporarily disabling it, which Mosaic
	had. Maybe there could be more than one Proxy server to choose
	from, for a number of fallback positions?
The Views have a Structure window, but not a Source window, which could
	be a useful alternative view of the same info. I like the
	idea of the text-only view.

Currently I am having difficulties with the small print in Amaya, so I 
hope you will take these comment/suggestions in the constructive way they
are meant.

Overall I think it is good, and it is nice to have an alternative to 
Netscape or IE. Keeping browsers up-to-date with the fast changing WWW
is a big task, so I appreciate your efforts.

	Thank you,	

Received on Tuesday, 25 August 1998 11:50:31 UTC