Bugs in 1.3

Noted on Windows 95:

1) section numbering can get confused when moving stuff around.  Turning
section numbering on and off again will cause the numbering to get

2) what I REALLY want in section numbering is for the numbers to
optionally be in the HTML, with control over when the document is renumbered.
This would be a tremendous help with specifications.  On line versions
still need numbering, so that people can complain about "in section 4.1,
you say:", and renumbering needs to be under the authors control, as
often in large documents you need to defer a renumbering across versions.

3) There was a period when the keystrokes I typed were not being echoed
on the main screen; in the structure view, things worked as expected,
and the problem cleared itself.

4) I'm wanting to generate a TOC for my document; it is a bit frustrating
to see it in one window, but to have to retype it to get it into the
document...  Sigh...

So far, my experience with 1.3 is a good step up from 1.2a.  Keep up the
good work (and fix the UNIX bug that keeps me from finding my text
magnification; using 1.3 on UNIX is hazardous to my eyes)!
				- Jim

Received on Wednesday, 15 July 1998 11:27:04 UTC