Re: Amaya printing with smaller fonts

Bertrand Ibrahim wrote:

> is it possible to influence the font size(s) used in Amaya for the File/Print
> command, e.g. through CSS rules? Could it be done through a default file
> similar to  or does it need to be done by adding in each
> document a <link> tag such as the following?
>   <link media="print" rel="stylesheet" href="xxx.css" type="text/css">
> The file xxx.css would contain:
>   H1 {font-size: ...}
>   H2 {font-size: ...}

In the current release, Amaya ignores style sheets when printing.  More precisely,
it ignores file $Home/.amaya.css, the STYLE element in the HEAD of the document,
and external style sheets linked to the document by a LINK element.  The only
way to have a CSS rule to be interpreted when printing is to use a STYLE

So, to print a document with larger characters, you have to change the body element:

   <body style="font-size: 16pt">

Obviously, if the document contains such tags as <font size="1"> the corresponding
elements will still be too small...

We are considering some improvements in style sheet handling for the next major
release of Amaya.  Solving this problem is clearly part of these improvements.


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