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(re)proposing a mainEntity property for

[CfP] Linked Data Quality #LDQ2015 Call for Papers

[ESWC 2015] Call For PhD Symposium - DEADLINE APPROACHING !!!

[ESWC 2015] Call For Research Paper - 2 WEEKS TO DEADLINE !!!

[ESWC 2015] Call For Research Paper - DEADLINE APPROACHING and the clock is ticking...

[Proposal] schema:StudentPapers

[Proposal]: New schema for Invoices

A versioning model for

AlCoB 2015: 3rd call for papers

Automotive, EXIF, Property-Values

Call For Participation: Workshop on Negative or Inconclusive rEsults in Semantic Web (#NoISE2015) @ ESWC

Changing the range of contactType & contactOption to Enumeration - was: What are those enumerations after the breadcrumb's :: called?

CISTI'2015 - List of Workshops - 10th Iberian Conference on Information Systems and Technologies

EXIF, Property-Values (was RE: Automotive, EXIF, Property-Values)

Fact Ranking Quiz

Fwd: FYI: Interval Vocabulary

FYI: Interval Vocabulary

Geo data in JSON-LD

GS1 Web Vocabulary is (back) online

InfoSec 2015: registration deadline 3 February

Intro Markus Renstrom

LOV v3 Annoucement

New release candiate for review (sdo-stantz)

ProfilePage ... equivalent in FOAF ?

Public Review of GS1 Web Vocabulary and Structured Data Guideline

Returning to onlineAccount > OnlineAccount sdo-venkman release is now live as v1.92

schema:valuePattern has range Number

SEMANTiCS 2015, Vienna, Call for Research & Innovation Papers

Semantics of domain and range includes confirmed (was : Re: Someone please look at my site_

Some interesting things that show up when using a reasoner to classify

Someone please look at my site

Testing tools mean "hasMap" and "openingHoursSpecification" aren't part of the schema "Place"?

What are those enumerations after the breadcrumb's :: called?

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