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Re: FYI: Interval Vocabulary

From: James M Snell <jasnell@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2015 15:54:44 -0800
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To: Simon.Cox@csiro.au
Cc: "public-vocabs@w3.org Vocabs" <public-vocabs@w3.org>
Yes, but unfortunately it depends largely on how the geo point is
defined. In order for the Interval to be meaningful, the value space
must be ordered. For now I've limited upper/lower to xsd datatypes
that with the ordered facet given. A geo point is a bit more difficult
but not impossible... an implementation would simply need to be aware
of how exactly to determine the ordering of the points. I have
considered, however, how we could incorporate arbitrarily complex
objects by allowing the Interval to identify specific order keys. e.g.

_:c14n0 a :ClosedInterval ;
  :orderedBy (
    [ a :AscKey ; :ref <geo:long> ],
    [ a :DescKey ; :ref <geo:lat> ]
  ) ;
  :lower [
    a geo:Point ;
      geo:lat "85.200000"^^xsd:float ;
      geo:long "-90.300000"^^xsd:float .
  ] ;
  :upper [
    a geo:Point ;
      geo:lat "80.200000"^^xsd:float ;
      geo:long "-85.300000"^^xsd:float .
  ] .

This is just a strawman, of course, and it adds a fair amount of
complexity, but it demonstrates how things can work. With this, one
would still only need to understand ordering of the simple data types.
Ultimately, however, it would likely just be easier to use domain
specific definitions for things like bounding boxes rather than rely
on this more generalized approach.

On Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 10:18 PM,  <Simon.Cox@csiro.au> wrote:
> And if you use a geo Point for the type of upper/lower, then you get bounding boxes (in any dimension).
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> Just wanted to make folks aware of this..
>   http://ns.jasnell.me/interval
> It's a small vocabulary for representing bounded intervals (totally ordered sets). It is born out of various Activity Streams use case including the ability to indicate validity date ranges for certain types of objects, identifying filter ranges for Collection items and other wonderful things.
> It ought to be fairly straightforward. Would eventually be interested in seeing this become a WG Note but definitely not a priority.
> - James
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