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Minutes 2011-11-30 Gavin Carothers (Wednesday, 30 November)

[ALL] agenda 30 Nov telecon Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 29 November)

Character escapes in prefix names Andy Seaborne (Friday, 25 November)

Call for applications: WWW2012 Metadata Challenge Antoine Zimmermann (Thursday, 24 November)

Fwd: XML Literals poll Gavin Carothers (Wednesday, 23 November)

Add-on to the XML Literal discussion Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 23 November)

Aligning Turtle and SPARQL escape sequence processing. Andy Seaborne (Tuesday, 22 November)

Closure of ISSUE-113, based on your Last Call comments Ivan Herman (Tuesday, 22 November)

reminder: no telecon tomorrow Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 22 November)

XML literals poll Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 21 November)

Wording tweaks in Fragment Identifier section Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 16 November)

minutes for today's meeting Peter Frederick Patel-Schneider (Wednesday, 16 November)

What fourth column should be Antoine Zimmermann (Wednesday, 16 November)

[ALL] agenda 16 Nov telecon 1100 EST Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 15 November)

agenda Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 15 November)

Turtle in HTML question/issue Ivan Herman (Sunday, 13 November)

A new introduction section for RDF Concepts Richard Cyganiak (Friday, 11 November)

Leaving the WG Ian Davis (Friday, 11 November)

Re: Close ISSUE-76? Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 10 November)

RDF-ISSUE-80 (rdf:PlainLiteral): Ask OWL and RIF WGs to update the rdf:PlainLiteral spec [RDF General] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 10 November)

ISSUE-13: History of rdf:XMLLiteral Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 10 November)

Moving discussion of XSD types from RDF Semantics to RDF Concepts Richard Cyganiak (Thursday, 10 November)

Proposal: Strike section “Fragment Identifiers” from RDF Concepts Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 9 November)

RDF-ISSUE-79 (undefined-datatype): What is the value of a literal whose datatype IRI is not a datatype? [RDF Concepts] RDF Working Group Issue Tracker (Wednesday, 9 November)

Typed literals gone from RDF Concepts; hello language-tagged strings Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 9 November)

RDF Working Group Teleconference Minutes of 09 November 2011 Richard Cyganiak (Wednesday, 9 November)

Regrets Schreiber, A.T. (Wednesday, 9 November)

Scribe for Today? David Wood (Wednesday, 9 November)

[ALL] Telecon Agenda 9 Nov 2011 David Wood (Monday, 7 November)

Status update on LC comments and post-LC changes to R2RML Richard Cyganiak (Monday, 7 November)

graph names as third argument Pat Hayes (Wednesday, 2 November)

contexts, graph names and so on Pat Hayes (Wednesday, 2 November)

Minutes from RDF-WG 11.2.2011 Posted Scott Bauer (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: Able to Edit RDF/XML? Fabien Gandon (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: Blank Node Ordering Andy Seaborne (Wednesday, 2 November)

URI aliases for RDF terms? Ivan Herman (Wednesday, 2 November)

Regrets for today's telecon Antoine Zimmermann (Wednesday, 2 November)

[ALL] agenda 2 Nov telecon (Europeans: one hour earlier!) Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 1 November)

agenda to be posted in a few hours Guus Schreiber (Tuesday, 1 November)

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