Re: Turtle in HTML question/issue

On 15/11/11 21:41, Gavin Carothers wrote:
> Okay time to go deeper into this issue. The prefixes defined in RDFa
> are not the same as the prefixes defined in Turtle. RDFa prefixe
> resolution uses CURIES and in Turtle PNames. The syntax is not
> identical. Clearest case of that is in the Facebook Open graph
> vocabularies which use :'s in the local part of the name which is not
> allowed in Turtle. I'm not totally opposed to aligning Turtle with
> RDFa, but others were as it breaks alignment with SPARQL which isn't a
> great idea.

Just to add to the mix: ":" is the one character that you can't use the 
base IRI approach for because <abc:xyz> is explicitly a URI scheme name 
of abc.  (see segment-nz-nc in RFC 3986)


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