Re: Aligning Turtle and SPARQL escape sequence processing.

On 22 Nov 2011, at 15:56, Andy Seaborne wrote:
> 1/ character escapes -- \t, \n \r \b \f \" \' \\
> 2/ unicode escapes :  \u1234 and \U12345678

> Suggested changes for Turtle:
> T1/ Allow unicode escapes in prefixed names.

-1, I think. I don't see the use case. Allowing them in the xxx part of an xxx:yyy prefixed name strikes me as silly. Allowing them in the yyy part is weird given that all sorts of punctuation is disallowed there anyways and one can always use a <full_IRI> if one wants to use unicode escapes. Most languages don't allow escapes in identifiers, see XML or Java.

Same argument applies to SPARQL.

Seriously, what's the use case?

> T2/ Only allow character escapes in strings, not IRIs (or prefix names but they aren't allowed in them at the moment).


> T3/ Add \f and \b character escapes.


> T4/ Remove \> (side effect of T2).


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