A new introduction section for RDF Concepts

The 2004 RDF Concepts spec starts with six pages of informative front matter, followed by six pages of normative text.

From a 2011 point of view, the informative first part is not very good. I'd like to replace all of it with new text that is:

* significantly shorter
* more relevant to understanding RDF
* a better reflection of 2011 understanding
* introduces more useful terms not mentioned in the 2004 version
  (resource, vocabulary, concrete syntax, )
* less redundant with the later normative sections

I've drafted new text (using bits of the old text where possible). It's ~2 pages.


I'd appreciate comments on the draft, and please speak up if you have fundamental concerns about this step.


(Housekeeping: ISSUE-68)

Received on Friday, 11 November 2011 19:23:31 UTC