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[ALL] agenda 16 Nov telecon 1100 EST

[ALL] agenda 2 Nov telecon (Europeans: one hour earlier!)

[ALL] agenda 30 Nov telecon

[ALL] Telecon Agenda 9 Nov 2011

A new introduction section for RDF Concepts

Able to Edit RDF/XML?

Add-on to the XML Literal discussion


agenda to be posted in a few hours

Aligning Turtle and SPARQL escape sequence processing.

Blank Node Ordering

Call for applications: WWW2012 Metadata Challenge

Character escapes in prefix names

Close ISSUE-76?

Closure of ISSUE-113, based on your Last Call comments

contexts, graph names and so on

Fwd: XML Literals poll

graph names as third argument

ISSUE-13: a proposal for rdf:XMLLiteral

ISSUE-13: History of rdf:XMLLiteral

Leaving the WG

Minutes 2011-11-30

minutes for today's meeting

Minutes from RDF-WG 11.2.2011 Posted

Moving discussion of XSD types from RDF Semantics to RDF Concepts

potential regrets this week

Proposal: Strike section “Fragment Identifiers” from RDF Concepts

RDF Working Group Teleconference Minutes of 09 November 2011

RDF-ISSUE-79 (undefined-datatype): What is the value of a literal whose datatype IRI is not a datatype? [RDF Concepts]

RDF-ISSUE-80 (rdf:PlainLiteral): Ask OWL and RIF WGs to update the rdf:PlainLiteral spec [RDF General]

Re 2: XML literals poll


Regrets for today's telecon

reminder: no telecon tomorrow

Scribe for Today?

Status update on LC comments and post-LC changes to R2RML

The value space of XMLLiteral (was: Re: XML literals poll)

Turtle in HTML question/issue

Typed literals gone from RDF Concepts; hello language-tagged strings

unicode escapes in prefix names

URI aliases for RDF terms?

Value-based comparison and GML

Value-based comparison and GML (was: Re: XML literals poll)

What fourth column should be

Wording tweaks in Fragment Identifier section

working through some details on "Just Works" escapes

XML literals poll

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