Re: ISSUE-13: History of rdf:XMLLiteral

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> Now the question is: If we want to change anything about XML literals, then what problem exactly are we trying to solve?

I think we need clarification. I remember a long discussion in the RDFa WG a few years ago. The question arising was: what is exactly the XML Literal an RDFa processor should produce on its output. And it was not clear from the document.

*My* interpretation was that if a processor outputs an RDF graph in a serialized format, then it can be any valid XML, not necessarily in canonical form (ie, the attributes can be in any order), because canonicalization comes into the picture only when the datatype values are compared, ie, when graphs are compared. Others had a different reading of the document.

I do not think we should go into the mess of changing the XML Literals. Clearly they are not widely used, although there are cases when they are (typical case is the content in an RSS 1.0 feed). But we need a clearer description on when, under what circumstances canonicalization is necessary.


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