Status update on LC comments and post-LC changes to R2RML

I did some work on addressing R2RML LC comments today and updated the wiki accordingly:

I believe that all LC comments on R2RML are now in one of the following states:

a) It is formally addressed.

b) A formal response has been sent and is awaiting reply from the reporter.

c) An issue has been raised and needs to be resolved by the WG before a formal response can be sent.

The following eight issues need to be resolved in order to address all comments:

* ISSUE-57
* ISSUE-68
* ISSUE-70
* ISSUE-71
* ISSUE-72
* ISSUE-73
* ISSUE-74
* ISSUE-75

A summary of changes made to the R2RML spec after LC is on the wiki:

It should be helpful in assessing and documenting the impact of the LC phase on the spec. The changed parts would also benefit from another round of review.


Received on Monday, 7 November 2011 20:30:14 UTC