Re: contexts, graph names and so on

On 11 Nov 2011, at 14:00, Andy Seaborne wrote:
>> It actually works out exactly the same. It's really like this (pardon the ASCII art):
>>   :g ----xxx---->  {ggg}
>>    |                |
>> denotes          denotes
>>    |                |
>>    v                v
>>  thing ---yyy--->  graph
> Good art - I can cope with morphism diagrams.  (Brings back memories of my Riemann Surfaces course.)
> The difference is that yyy isn't a property.

xxx is an IRI. yyy is the property (relationship type) denoted by the IRI. You could add another arrow down the middle:

  :g -----xxx--->  {ggg}
   |       |        |
denotes denotes  denotes
   |       |        |
   v       v        v
 thing ---yyy--->  graph

When xxx is owl:sameAs then we have a special case where “thing” and “graph” at the bottom are actually the same single thing, and both :g and {ggg} denote it.


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