Re: Turtle in HTML question/issue

On 2011-11-16, at 08:11, Ivan Herman wrote:
> Sigh. You do have good arguments, although at present it is a pain to repeat all the prefix declarations. Ie, there would be no really smooth ways of using both turtle and RDFa in the same page, although I do see very legitimate usage for this (that is why I like it!). It has happened several times to me that the RDF I wanted to generate from an HTML file included a bunch of statements that are really not for display (this does happen with more complex vocabularies) and the current trick is to use a <div style="display:none> for this, and then encode things in a series of <span> which then resembles RDF/XML:-). Adding turtle in HTML is a very elegant way of solving this issue...
> Ie: I am torn!

That solution is fine for you, as you know both RDFa and Turtle, but expecting/suggesting/making it easy for people to use two different RDF syntaxes *in the same document* seems crazy to me.

It's hard enough to explain RDF the multitude of syntaxes as it is, without suggesting that people use two at once.

<div style="display:none"> is a bit ugly, but at least it's well understood web web developers.

- Steve

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