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On 2011-11-21, at 19:32, Richard Cyganiak wrote:

> Below are six questions on XML literals. Please help the WG get a feeling for the general opinion within the group by answering the questions. Answers in the usual +1/0/-1 style are appropriate.
> Thanks,
> Richard
> Q1. Should the specs define a way to compare XML literals based on value?


> Q2. Should the specs say that RDF implementations MUST support value-based comparison?


> Q3. Should the *lexical* space be in canonical form?


> Q4. Should *invalid XML* be allowed in the lexical space?

Probably not.

[Though I doubt many RDF systems will refuse to store "1.0"^^xsd:integer for example, so it may be tilting at windmills]

> Q5. Should the specs say that RDF/XML parsers MUST canonicalize when handling parseType="literal"?

Maybe. MAY/SHOULD would be fine.

> Q6. Should it be required that producers of XML literals in concrete syntaxes (Turtle, N-Triples, other parseTypes in RDF/XML) canonicalize the literals themselves?


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