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Boolean effective value tests

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Comments on SPARQL draft (pt. 1) (insert)

Comments on SPARQL draft (pt. 1.1)

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Disjunction vs. Optional ... and UNION

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Error in Specification Test Data/Examples

Extensible Value Testing

FILTER is non-orthogonal and non-declarative

flexible SPARQL reification construct instead of hard-wired SOURCE keyword

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Is OPTIONAL inherently procedural?

Named- and background graphs, triples vs quads, trust, etc.

Question/Comment on FROM and WITH


SPARQL Protocol and Unicode characters

SPARQL requirements (and INSERT)

SPARQL: graph syntax should be N3 subset

SPARQL: which features now, which features later for RDF Data Access?

Testcase comment and question

Testcase comment and question (bound1.rq,mirrorstatus)

Turtle Tuples: Turtle-based query result format

Type Promotion

Unbound vars as blank nodes

XML result format and datatypes

XPath functions

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