Grammar question

In the latest grammar VarOrTerm includes empty lists and empty blank nodes
but does not include lists with content (Collection) or blank nodes with
content (BlankNodePropertyList). Everywhere that VarOrTerm is used also
offers alternatives using Collection and BlankNodePropertyList (except
Reification - is that a mistake?). So why not just make RDFTerm include
lists with content, blank nodes with content, and reifications - e.g. like
the unused AnyNode? (sort of like saying that you can use a noun phrase
anywhere you can use a noun.) Seems like it would simplify the grammar plus
avoid potential mistakes of omission (e.g. shouldn't reification be included
in CollectionElement?). Or is there a necessary distinction that I'm


Received on Sunday, 13 March 2005 14:47:08 UTC