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1.2 Error in type hierarchy?

15.4 Typo

15.4.1 - op:to or fn:to?

15.4.4 - $srcval or $uri?

15.4.4 - Typo

[DM] 3.6 - What does this mean?

[DM] 4.1.3 "qualified name"

[DM] 4.1.3 What is an xsd:QName?

[DM] 4.2.2 Table

[F&O May 2] distinct-values

[F&O, May 2] : error in definition of deep-equal

[F&O] 10.2 and 10.2.1

[F&O] 10.2.1 op:QName-equal() or fn:QName-equal() ?

[F&O] 10.2.2 get-local-part-from-QName() function?

[F&O] 10.2.3 and 10.2.4 Naming consistency

[F&O] 10.2.5 - Whitespace separated?

[F&O] 10.2.5 get-in-scope-namespace-prefixes() function?

[F&O] 11.1, 7.3, 15.4.4, and 15.4.5

[F&O] 14.1.2 - local-name() function??? or local-part() function?

[F&O] 7.4.10 normalize-space() Function

[F&O] 7.5.3 fn:replace

[F&O] avg()

[F&O] Casting QName to xs:String

[F&O] errors in function signatures

[F&O] fn:reverse missing?

[F&O] fn:type() proposal (Was: [XSLT 2.0] Is it possible to d isplay the type of a node / value / variable?)

[F&O] fn:type() proposal (Was: [XSLT 2.0] Is it possible to display the type of a node / value / variable?)

[serialization] XHTML output method

[xsl] An interesting angle on types in XSLT 2.0?

[xsl] Using or ignoring Types in XSLT 2.0 / XPath 2.0

[XSLT 2.0] 14 - Typo

[XSLT 2.0] 14.4 Grouping

[XSLT 2.0] Is it possible to display the type of a node / val ue / variable?

[XSLT 2.0] Is it possible to display the type of a node / value / variable?

[XSLT 2.0] Request for an xsl:documentation element

AVTs inside regexen

back references in regexen

base-uri($srcval) is still unclear

Charter and Activity Statement

Comments to May 2 working draft

copy/paste error

creating sequences: defaults, surprises, syntax and semantics

Data Model - 4.5.4 Data Model to Infoset Mapping

data model - PSVI to DM mapping - parent of Element nodes

Data Model 3.3 - "sequences of fragments and sequences of documents"

Data Model : What is a "fragment"?

Data model spec issues

Data Model: 3.2 Document order of fragments?

Data Model: 4 - Nodes (and "root nodes")

Data Model: 4.1.1 "uri" or "URI"?

Data Model: 4.1.11 Typo

Data Model: 4.1.3 - "qualified name" or expanded-QName?

Data Model: 4.1.4 Parent Accessor

Data Model: 4.2.1 - "document" or "document node"?

Data Model: 4.2.3

data model: parent of namespace nodes

dateTime etc accessors now UTC-based, were local

Differences between xsl:element and LRE

different AST's

DM: 3.3 "inconsistent data models are forbidden"

DM: 3.3 "sequences of documents"

DM: Imprecise Headings in 4.2 to 4.8

DM: Inconsistency between 3.4 and 4.1.7

DM: What is a "document"?

DM: What is an "element"?


eq operator

F&O - Is extract(month, myDateTimeItem) possible?

F&O Casting from binary types to xs:boolean

F&O Definitions of derived duration types

F&O distinct-values function

F&O idref function

F&O insert-before function

F&O Reference to "xs:unsignedInteger"

F&O Table summarizing accessor functions

F&O When would the sum function return the empty sequence?

F&O: 1.2 Error in type hierarchy?

F&O: 15.4 Typo

F&O: 15.4.1 - op:to or fn:to?

F&O: 15.4.4 - $srcval or $uri?

F&O: 15.4.4 - Typo

F&O: fn:remove() description

F&O: trace() output ordering

fn:base-uri($srcval) is still unclear

fn:remove() description

Formal Sematics typos

glossary+requirement doc

implementation defined and implementation-dependent

make datetime tuples real types

May F&O: Deep Equality of Nodes

May F&O: Appendix C XSLT

May F&O: references to Xquery.

May serialization: octets

May serialization: section 8 Character Maps

May XPath section 2.6: a a

May XPath section 3.2: / and //

May Xpath: MUST

Minor error in XQuery grammar rules

multiple modules with the same name

Multiple result-documents, client-side transformations, and U RIs

Multiple result-documents, client-side transformations, and URIs

new XSLT2 draft

Nil should not require validity

node equality: fn:node-equal()

optional and required external variables

parsing of attributes

Questions about XPath 2.0 decimal arithmetic

Resolving issue 526 will change the data model

Serialization / Data Model - make more clearly consistent

Serialization / XSLT 2.0 : "sequence"

Serialization: 1

Serialization: 2 "valid" instances of the data model

Serialization: 2 Typo

Small XPath2 typo

specs, formats, downloads

support for aligned iterations

Threading of responses to comments



TR/xquery-operators/#func-xpath-id and TR/2003/WD-xpath-datamode l-20030502/#recently-closed-issues

Turismo Rural - promoções fantásticas / promociones fantásticos

What would break if ... ?

wording in 20.2 (DOE)

XPath 2.0: XPath 1.0 Compatibility mode

XPath Data Model proposal

XPath Data Model proposal (was: [xml-dev] nostalgia)

XPath/XQuery/Data Model : Data Model Inconsistency?

XQuery: Status of XQueryX?

xsl:function: removal of xsl:result

XSLT 2.0: 2.1 - Typo

XSLT 2.0: 2.3 / F&O: 15.4.6

XSLT 2.0: 2.3 Initial Context Node

XSLT 2.0: 2.3 Initial Context Node / xsl:apply-templates

XSLT 2.0: 2.4.1 second green background example

XSLT 2.0: 21 Typo

XSLT 2.0: 21.1 - Redrafting needed

XSLT 2.0: Writing untyped stylesheets - how much is possible?

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