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[filter-effects] Updated security model Dirk Schulze (Friday, 27 September)

[css3-transforms] Some issues about backface-visibility and preserve-3d attributes Shawn Singh (Wednesday, 25 September)

WebIDL question (was: DOMPoint dictionary problem) Rik Cabanier (Tuesday, 24 September)

[css-images][css-compositing] Blurring an element’s backdrop Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 18 September)

DOMPoint dictionary problem Robert O'Callahan (Monday, 16 September)

[masking] Comments on September 13 editor's draft Alan Stearns (Friday, 13 September)

[web-animations] Naming of timing groups in the API Brian Birtles (Friday, 6 September)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 5 / 6 Sep 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 6 September)

[filter-effects] resolution dependent filter primitives Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 27 August)

[filter-effects] negative std deviation on feGaussianBlur Dirk Schulze (Monday, 26 August)

[filter-effects] blur() on background-image and edge blurring Dirk Schulze (Sunday, 25 August)

[filter-effects] additive animation of filter functions Cameron McCormack (Friday, 23 August)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 15 / 16 Aug 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 16 August)

[css-images][filter-effects] filter() image function Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 14 August)

[filter-effects] Animation between filter functions Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 14 August)

Filter Effects: Filter primitive subregion clarification Stephen White (Friday, 9 August)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 8 / 9 Aug 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 9 August)

Fwd: [web-animations] Simplifying timing groups Mike Lawther (Thursday, 8 August)

Fwd: [web-animations] Simplifying timing groups Shane Stephens (Thursday, 8 August)

[web-animations] Simplifying timing groups Brian Birtles (Thursday, 8 August)

Re: [css compositing] clipping and isolation Dirk Schulze (Wednesday, 7 August)

[web-animations] Default fill mode Brian Birtles (Friday, 2 August)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 1 / 2 Aug 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 2 August)

[filter-effects] initial color for drop-shadow() filter function Dirk Schulze (Monday, 29 July)

[web-animations] Should "offset" be considered good naming? Shane Stephens (Friday, 26 July)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 25th / 26th July 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 26 July)

[filters] computed value of the 'filter' property Cameron McCormack (Wednesday, 24 July)

[filter-effects] Color clamping of intermediate filter primitive results Dirk Schulze (Tuesday, 23 July)

[web-animations] Web Animations minutes, 18 / 19 June 2013 Brian Birtles (Friday, 19 July)

PFWG preliminary review of Web Animation 1.0 Michael Cooper (Thursday, 18 July)

[filter-effects] url() as pass-through on invalid reference? Dirk Schulze (Friday, 12 July)

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