PFWG preliminary review of Web Animation 1.0

The Protocols and Formats Working Group took note of the First Public
Working Draft of Web Animations 1.0 We understand
this to be a descendant spec of others specs we have reviewed in the
past, and wanted to point out relevant comments for consideration as you
develop this spec:

The core requirement to point out is that it is critical to
accessibility for the user to have the ability to stop, pause and
optionally restart, and prevent animation. This can be enabled via the
user agent or via author-controlled features, but needs to be something
that can be used in all cases of animation. There are references to
these states in the spec, but it is not clear at the moment that the
spec prescribes that these functions must be available, and how.

At this FPWD stage we just wanted to make sure this requirement is on
the radar. If you need input about this or how we think it should be
met, please let us know.


Michael Cooper
Web Accessibility Specialist
World Wide Web Consortium, Web Accessibility Initiative
E-mail <>
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Received on Thursday, 18 July 2013 15:52:52 UTC