[masking] Comments on September 13 editor's draft

Section 1

s/mask forgoing/mask, forgoing/
s/Clipping path defines/A clipping path defines/
s/applied on a shape/applied on an element/

Section 4

"These effects all apply after any other CSS effects such as 'border'

'CSS effects' is probably too broad - aren't animations 'CSS effects'? I'd
expect that to come after clipping/masking. You probably want to say
something like: "These effects all apply after any element drawing
operations from CSS properties such as 'border'"

In the user/local coordinate systems definition, do you need to define
what the units are in the last paragraph?

The definition of clipping path should read: "Either a combination of SVG
graphics elements or a basic shape"

Section 5

If there is a mask image failure (empty image, failure to download, etc.)
is a stacking context still created? Same question for
mask-box-image-source and clip-path.

The definition of mask-source-type:auto refers to the <mask-image> type.
It should probably be referring to the <image> type

s/choosen/chosen/ (2 instances)

The <mask-layer> definition should include some line breaks for readability

s/no affect if/no effect if/

The last paragraph of 5.11.1 needs an "or the luminance..." clause.

Section 6

Should the <mask-image> value be <image> or <mask-source>?

It may be better to duplicate the appropriate descriptions of values and
other explanations of the mask-box-image-source property that are
applicable from the mask-source property.

Section 7

The clip-path property description is missing a definition of the <url>

Section 8

It mentions CORS for mask-image, and I assume this should apply to
mask-box-image-source and clip-path as well.

Received on Friday, 13 September 2013 12:52:00 UTC