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[CDR Framework] i18n comment: About pishing

[CDR Framework] i18n comment: General support of IRI

[CDR Framework] i18n comment: Language identification for child documents

[CDR Framework] i18n comment: Spelling error

[CDR Framework] i18n comment: Versions of XML and XMLNamespaces

[CDR] Conformance

[CDR] Document Object Model

[CDR] Event Propagation

[CDR] Identification and Versioning

[CDR] Link Activation

[CDR] Multiple Child Documents?

[CDR] Referencing Child Objects

[CDR] scope

[CDR] Typos/Grammar

[SVGMobile12] A.7.19 parseXML

[WICD Core 1.0] 6.3.1 Focus Navigation

[WICD Core 1.0] Animated Backgrounds?

[WICD Core 1.0] i18n comment: IRI support forhyperlinking

[WICD Core 1.0] i18n comment: Spelling error

[WICD Core 1.0] Section 5.1

[WICD Core 1.0] Section html:img and html:object

[WICD Core 1.0] XHTML passing to SVG renderer

[WICD Core 1.0] XHTML passing to SVG renderer ACTION: 416

[WICD] background image size

[WICD] comments

[WICD] comments [#6 and #7]

[WICD] events

[WICD] focus event triggered animations

[WICD] focusable child elements

[WICD] focusable property

[WICD] font naming

[WICD] How to create mixed SVG/CSS style sheets

[WICD] Hyperlinking


[WICD] rightsizing

[WICD] Scalable Overlay Objects

[WICD] scope editorial

[WICD] still-image rendering

[WICDFull] CDR DOM interfaces

[WICDFull] focus support

[WICDFull] Identification

[WICDMobile] CDR DOM interfaces

[WICDMobile] focus support

[WICDMobile] Identification

CDF comments

CDR user agent conformance; DOM shouldn't be mandatory

CDR/WICD: need another last call (at minimum)

CDR: "individual DOMs in isolation"

CDR: Appendix B lacks testable conformance criteria for documents

CDR: Appendix B lacks testable conformance criteria for user agents

CDR: conflicting definitions of the target attribute

CDR: description of current web security model has problems

CDR: does disabled access lead to null or an exception?

CDR: DOM Level 3 requirement

CDR: Event propagation to parent documents

CDR: Event-related markup

CDR: grammatical errors in profile conformance criteria

CDR: Introduction, "examples of compound documents"

CDR: language about compound documents and child documents

CDR: pointer event description vs. z-order

CDR: profiles specifying whether specialized DOM APIs are supported

CDR: referencingElement name

CDR: required access to parent document

CDR: requirement for child document access

CDR: Requirements for the ReferenceDocument interface

CDR: Security exceptions and events

CDR: security section gives inadequate account of possible attacks and of proposed security model

CDR: style and precision problems in definitions appendix

CDR: viable object elements

CDR: which elements should support the ReferencingElement interface?

CDR: who is the audience?

Conformance inconsistencies

Math IG comments on CDF Last call documents

Timeline Initialization

WAI last call comments on CDF, WICD, WICD Full, WICD Mobile, WICD Core

XLink 1.1: behaviour of simple links without a show attribute

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