Re: Math IG comments on CDF Last call documents

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 01:04:25 +0100, David Carlisle <>  
>> That is a completely different thing.
> well it's CDI rather than CDR in the current terminology, it is though
> what the mathml example  in your document uses.

That example is non normative and is about a section explaining the  
differences between CDI and CDR. The document itself is about CDR as  
should be clear from the title from section 2. However, I can see that it  
could cause some confusion.

>> (By the way, since when does IE have any  support for namespaced  
>> documents?)
> since 5.5. The interfaces are hmm not quite as one would desire, but
> they are there, and are crying out to be standardised rather than
> ignored. You can send _today_ (and for some years) a standard dtd valid
> xhtml+mathml document to IE wth an application/xhtml+xml mime type and
> it will render it fine. You need to use a free third party component to
> render the mathml of course, but that component only has access to
> public IE APIs it isn't using any IE internal code.

Ah, that explains it.

> Standardising
> what is supposed to happen at the DOM level so that later implementers
> can implement something that can host portable cross platform
> interaction is something that one might have expected to have been at
> the heart of what a compound document group was about.

I think DOM Level 3 Core (and earlier iterations) already covers documents  
using multiple namespaces from a DOM point of view.

> So really the mechanisms that are in the CDF framework for referencing
> external language fragments should support automatic determination of
> size and baseline, or failing that, if you just want to use <object
> you'd need to specify at minimum that any plugin claiming adherence to
> the CDF framework offered API to at least find out what height depth
> width the thing should be.

This is really a CSS issue like I said before. CSS defines the rules for  
determining the height and width of a replaced element.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Sunday, 29 January 2006 00:21:37 UTC