Re: [CDR Framework] i18n comment: Versions of XML and XMLNamespaces

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> You write: \"For example: XML 1.1 or HTML documents tied through  
> hypertext reference producing as many DOM linked to one another.\" What  
> is the relation between versions of XML and XML namespaces in this  
> scenario? E.g what happens, if an XML 1.0 document references an XML  
> 1.1. document? It might be that this depends on the languages being  
> compounded, but you should have general guidelines for (new) languages  
> as well.

Why would anything specific happen? I do not really understand what  
namespaces have to do with two documents that are only bound to each  
through a reference.

(Not commenting on behalf of the WG by the way.)

Anne van Kesteren

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