Re: Math IG comments on CDF Last call documents

On Sun, 29 Jan 2006 01:04:25 +0100, David Carlisle <>  
>> Most of the problems the CDF WG deals with are already solved.
>> We just say how they are solved.
> Quite, the current specs appear to have missed 10 years worth of
> experience in rendering compound documents and are proposing to
> standardise the non-support of MathML or any other similar language.,
> that is basically any compound document format that isn't just including
> an image (including svg as an image format for the purposes of the
> discussion).

Actually, given  
<> I  
think the "problem" can be solved within MathML. If the MathML layout  
model defines a way to calculate the intrinsic 'height' and 'width' of a  
MathML document (this would need to be defined, taken into account  
embedded HTML and all that) I see no reason it can't already work just  
fine when embedded through <object> given the rules from CSS 2.1 for  
replaced elements.

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Sunday, 29 January 2006 00:32:08 UTC