Re: CDR: Event-related markup

Maciej, you wrote

> "2.2.3 Event-Related Legacy Markup"
> - I object to the use fo the word "legacy". Event-related markup is in  
> the current versions of many specifications and is not deprecated.

The group agrees and will remove the word Legacy.

> "In order to claim conformance to this Compound Documents Framework, a  
> compound document profile must define how all of its event-related  
> language constructs and scripting constructs map to corresponding DOM3  
> event facilities, unless DOM3 events has already defined the mapping."
> - SVG Tiny 1.2 does not fully define this relationship; neither does XML  
> events. I request that the CDF working group coordinate on this issue  
> with other relevant working groups.

The working group agrees. Would you be kind enough to list the gaps you  
see in the current definitions for XML events with respect to DOM 3, to  
ensure that we catch them all?

As you may be aware, SVG Tiny 1.2 has removed previous extensions to XML  

I hope that this resolves your concern. If not, please let the working  
group know within two weeks.

For the CDF working group, Cheers


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