Re: CDR/WICD: need another last call (at minimum)

* Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>I think given the large volume of issues raised in what are fairly  
>small specs, and the fact that there is no public record of  
>resolution for working draft comments, I think at least one more last  
>call will be needed for the CDR and WICD specs once all issues are  

I still hope there is public record of the responses, when I asked about
them in
I got a message back saying

  550 5.1.2 <>... Host unknown (Name server: host not found)

which seems to confirm there are problems with the mail systems as I
suspected. Also, given that I haven't heard anything in response to my
question for six weeks now, I wonder whether the Working Group ever
received it. If there isn't public record of responses, I'd really like
to hear why not, the Process document is clear enough that you can't go
to Last Call with many comments not addressed and issues not resolved.

>Many of the issues raised are not just minor nitpicks but  
>fairly deep issues with the spec. As such, I think moving to CR would  
>not be an appropriate next step. Especially so in the case of CDR,  
>where it impossible to make any kind of test suite to verify whether  
>implementations are interoperable (I haven't looked at the WICD specs  
>closely enough to know if that is the case there too). It may even be  
>appropriate to move back to Working Draft status until something  
>closer to a publishable spec is available.

Yes, you can't somehow keep a Technical Report in Last Call, you either
go to CR or straight to PR if the Director allows for that, or you go
"back" to Working Draft status. Should this happen, and I'm afraid you
might be right that this is needed, it seems clear that we should not
adopt the SVG Working Group's trial and error publishing style and
rather use normal Working Drafts until the issues are fully worked out.

Now that you mention it, there are many notes in the Last Call drafts
that further coordination is needed or that deliverables are not ready
yet to be referenced; when I read that I thought I'm looking at some
outdated draft, but it's in the Last Call versions, it seems. Odd.
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